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Meet our Staff

Dan Merchant
Dan has 30 years of retail experience in the auto parts industry. He learned how to freshwater fish from his grandfather and father from an early age. Like many who grow up fishing he developed a deep passion, by his twenties his competitive nature led him to tournament trails, but his ambition didn’t end there. He decided to venture into opening a tackle shop where he could continue to live his commitment to customer service while working with the sport he loves. The attention to detail throughout the layout of our store is a direct reflection of his character. His honesty, integrity and pride as an owner directly translate into a quality recognized by our customers. Quality and innovation have built the shop, pushed it to the internet and continue on to future goals.
Megan Merchant
Megan Merchant has 24 years of retail and real estate experience, 8 of which were spent as management. Megan committed herself to learning about every aspect of the shop and has become our accomplished rod wrapper. She was given no slack from the employees as we forced her to try every type of fishing (noodling was the limit). Megan found her calling in saltwater sportfishing, jumping on every trip she could and planning on her first 8 day long range next year. She has learned to hold her own on any boat. She has 3 daughters and 3 grandchildren. Her honest compassion and integrity in dealing with people is seen in how she tries to make every customer feel comfortable and welcome as they shop and appreciated when they leave.
Gabriel Melendez
Gabriel began fishing with his dad from as early as he can remember. He is an avid angler whose all around knowledge and love for the sport has evolved into three main categories: fly fishing, saltwater fishing and bass fishing. There has never been a style of fishing that didn’t appeal to him. Gabe grew up going to Last Chance since they opened when he was in elementary school. It was just after he graduated High School in 2005 that he began at the shop. Striving to learn all he could he quickly became an asset to the shop helping build custom rods and working as a reel repair tech. In 2008 he left to go to college coming back to work and fish during the summers. Currently he holds his B.A. in philosophy from the University of California Santa Cruz. He is currently content to fish and work while striving for a PHD.
Matt Magnone
Matt is a veteran of the fishing scene. He has been fishing for 22 years in both fresh and saltwater. He grew up in a family of bass fisherman and began taking serious fishing instruction at 5 years of age. Today his reputation as a fisherman is cemented with countless big fish accomplishments and a history of production on the water. His first job was in a tackle shop where so far he has gained 9 years of experience with retail and advanced technical knowledge for all fishing styles. 5 to 7 days out of the week you can find him first in line at the lake. He literally eats, sleeps and breaths bass fishing. Along with his skills he is known for having provided and seeking to provide novice, beginner, and advanced anglers with the tools needed to ensure an enjoyable day on the water. It’s no secret that he would love to have a place in the fishing industry until the day he dies.
Anthony Driscoll
Anthony has been fishing for  12 years now and has amassed a large amount of knowledge in fishing techniques, baits, rigs, and just about anything you could need to know about getting setup for your fishing trip. Among other types of fishing he mainly enjoys chasing trophy size bass, big bait, inshore, and fly fishing. Anthony is a regular at Lake Perris, Lake Skinner, Diamond Valley, and Lake Hemet, and is always trying to break lake records. With the expertice, enthusiasm and helpfullness with which he treats each and every customer you can rest assured he will help you find the baits and tackle to catch the fish you are after.