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Two eyes and wiggle in the Fall
Posted by Matt MagnoneOctober 11, 2015, 2:46 PM
In the Fall when water temperature begins to decline, Bass begin transitioning from their deeper summertime haunts into more main and secondary structural areas. Often times in the late Summer and early Fall, Bass will position themselves on these routes, seemingly strategic, as bait schools begin their migration into shallow water bays or creek arms. As the shad begin to move, so do the bass. As the shad begin funneling up from open water, Bass can often be seen working together hearding bait much similar in the way Tuna work fin bait in the ocean. You'll see fish come full aerial all for the chance to pounce on a single mouthful of bait. While this time of year can surely test your commitment and patience as an angler, don't be foolish to think that these fish are uncatchable. Sometimes this is the most exciting time of the year
Category: Fishing Blog
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