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Meat and Potatoes in the Fall
Posted by Matt MagnoneOctober 24, 2015, 8:06 AM
When it comes to understanding Bass in the Fall, in the last 5 to 10 years I've done my best to keep it completely simple. While I too had my time where I thought I needed the latest and the greatest to catch fish, This time of year doesn't need to rack your brain like it may seem. Bass are in transition. Simple as that. In understanding the transitional phase, you as an angler need to know are:

A: Where are they coming from?
B. Where are they going.

After narrowing down those two major clues, all that's left to figure out is their feeding behavior and where they will stop along the way.

In the Fall bass can be anywhere. You'll find them out in 60ft of water while at the same time in 6ft of water. Rather than have 13 different rods with 13 different baits on the deck, narrow down your search and selection. Keep a deep rod handy and a shallow rod at your disposal.

By gauging the activity level of the bass you'll soon realize if the fish are actively chasing bait vs. sitting on structure waiting for bait to come to then. If the fish are actively chasing bait mid water column, I'll reach for a medium to deep running crankbait, Darter head grub or even a tail spin while if bass sitting on structure I'll employee a Football Head Jig, Texas Rig or Carolina rig.

Fall is Meat and Potatoes fishing. Narrow down your selection in both color and technique and you'll spend more time fishing than questioning their behavior.  
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