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#58 Couple Tips for the "Tough" Bite on DVL
Posted by Matt MagnoneSeptember 23, 2014, 9:10 PM
Well, it's no surprise that the majority of anglers are avoiding DVL. On more than one trip I could literally count the amount of trailers in the lot on one hand. Unfortunately, many guys are hearing through the grapevine that DVL is slow, low, losing water and is going to close. While the water was going down at an insane rate, for the past few weeks it has stabilized and isn't fluctuating nearly as much. The launch is fine, the lakes doin okay and the fishing is great.

With stable water brings stable fishing. Right now I have to tell you that the bite is pretty stupid. It's just a matter of how you approach it. A lot of guys in the Summer months struggle seeing as how the fish are all over the place. You can get them deep, shallow, suspended in wolf packs etc. etc. The biggest thing that you need to assess is #1 FORAGE #2 THERMOCLINE and #3 WEATHER
If you're hungry where are you going to position yourself? 
If you're having a hard time breathing indoors where you gonna go?
If it's bright outside and you forgot your sunglasses are you going to go indoors or in the shade or stay outdoors where it's uncomfortable? What about when it's overcast? Are you going to feel comfortable moving around?
A lot of guys are failing to think about fish positioning based on forage, thermocline and weather conditions. The biggest thing all of us do, including myself, fall into the trap of "doing what we want to do" versus "doing what we need to do". A couple trips back I wasn't catching them. I was having a brutal time and could only manage rats. While all the signs were there to fish smaller baits; I chose to continue to charge hard with the big bait. Well that left me in a bad spot. It wasn't until i downsized, even slightly, when I started to put them in the boat. 
Couple Tips:
Fish right now are holding at all levels but 15-25' on offshore structure spots, main lake points and on otherwise rocky bank seems to be the sweet spot. With the thermocline hovering in the 30' zone, Bass will position themselves at the lowest point, sometimes beyond, on structure. Imagine that layer of water being the difference between oxygen and no oxygen. 

Now you gotta think forage. Right now there's a plethora of life in the water. Big schools of silversides, bluegill and bass are ALL OVER THE PLACE! With the afternoon winds kicking up at a good clip, a lot of the fin fish is forced to position, not only from the current but from the fish, on main lake wind blown shorelines. If the forage is there; cross #1 off your list. Knowing that the thermocline is roughly 30', focus on areas where the fish have the ability to move up and feed then be able to retreat back to their holding areas in the quickest amount of time. Not only is it convenient but these pressured fish have learned its the safest way to feed besides at night.
Now that you've isolated forage and depth zone all you have to do is figure out feeding times whether it be in the morning or evening. The fish are wolf packing hard right now in big numbers. Think sunlight, think stealth and think strategy. While bass are free spirited like ourselves, they can feed whenever they want but choose to do so when chance meets opportunity. When its crystal clear, flat and high noon it doesn't stack up in the bass's favor to cruise around and mawl bait although it does happen. Bass are like criminals. They want to be concealed and sneak up when you least expect them to. Low light, wind blown and overcast conditions have been critical.
When the days just don't stack in my favor, I've been smart enough to dump my "favorite rods" and pick up baits that suit it. The dropshot rod has been on the deck a lot lately. When it's hot, inactive and other wise just downright bad, I've been drop shotting 4-6" worms in watermelon purple. I'm on 4# fluoro, size #1 hook and a leader length the same length as the worm I'm fishing. The bite has literally been dumb. As long as you're in the zone where the fish are hanging and are listening to the clues that are given it's been solid. There was one spot yesterday where i made 3 casts and caught 3 fish. There are a lot of 7-14" fish right now but for every 3-5 you catch, you're catching a fish in the 3-4# class which makes it pretty fun! Angles haven't made too much difference the last couple trips 

On the other hand, when the days stack in my favor and some days just "dumb luck", I've been doing work lately throwing swimbaits in various sizes. Baits as little as the Megabass Spark Shad all the way up to the Roman Made Mother. The key has been to listen to what mother nature is telling you. Forage, Thermocline and Weather. Pick areas that stack in your favor and give it all you got!

I know guys are struggling out here so I figured I'd dump a little on how I've been getting bit. Gotta share the wealth! With the fishing the way it is, people need to get out there!
If you have any questions stop into Last Chance Bait and Tackle and I'll do my best to break it down for you!
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