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#70 Spawn
Posted by Matt MagnoneFebruary 20, 2015, 6:45 PM
As weather temperatures begin to rise and the water temperature following suit, it's imperative we protect our resource. By resource I mean the Bass. Spring fishing can often times be some of the most intense times on the water. Bass are shallow in plain sight but while this fishing can be completely awesome, keep in mind that Bass are at their most vulnerable state through their mating stage. Males will guard the eggs and the females will always be within range to protect in the event the male is moved. With Bass weighing their heaviest before the actual Spawn, I often encourage anglers to bypass the actual bed stage and continue to fish for Pre Spawn Bass in deeper water. While these fish are just as important to protect as the ones shallow on beds, the deeper fish have yet to impart on thier important journey.  Next time you see a bass on a bed in shallower water, ask yourself a question?

Is catching this ONE Bass worth affecting the health of your fishery?

Catch and Release guys and have a great time on the water!!!!

Category: Fishing Blog
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