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#76 Confidence In Your Approach-
Posted by Matt MagnoneApril 22, 2015, 5:09 PM
With the inventiveness of the ever evolving fishing community, one thing should always hold true; Fish your confidence.

Whether you’re an angler that has the uncanny ability to shake a Texas Rigged soft plastic in 60’ of water, the guy that lives with the Drop Shot rod in his hand or isn't happy unless he's moving 15MPH down the bank with a Chatterbait, it’s extremely important to know your strengths and know when opportunity meets availability. Too often I watch anglers approach the sport of Bass Fishing with a “follow the trend” mentality. While it’s extremely important to keep in touch with trending techniques and new and exciting gear, it’s equally important to know where your strength lies.

Case in point. My confidence is power fishing high potential targets. I'm not at home unless I have my foot pinned to the trolling motor. I absolutely love covering water and seeking out actively feeding bass. With that being said, I don't make it a point to fish slowed down finesse techniques unless the particular day dictates it. When I hit the water i go throwing punches. I'm looking for 5 of the RIGHT bites. As always though, what separates a mediocre angler from a GREAT angler is his ability to be versatile. Be willing to change with the fish but at the same time fish your strength.

Confidence is everything in Bass Fishing. With the ability to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the rod in your hand is your strength, is precisely the kind of confidence that will put more and larger fish in the boat on a consistent basis.

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Sri  11/30/2015 11:08:03 PM
Ugly sticks are great rods, epiacslly if your a weekend warrior. You don't need to spend $400 on a rod to go and relax. It is a bit touchy for me but I fish for pleasure 5 days plus a week. I DO use an ultra light Ugly stick for stocked trout and I own 2 others. One for fishing big cats and 1 for river muskies.. Plus your wife won't be able to crush it in the disposal. I love that comercial.
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