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#77 Inside the Tackle Box
Posted by Matt MagnoneApril 29, 2015, 3:00 PM

When was the last time you analyzed each and every hook for imperfection in your Terminal Tackle tray?
Almost never right?

I’m sure many of you, when done using, put your hooks back into your tray in the effort to save money and conserve equipment. Every dull, snagged, rusty, or opened hook you saved I urge you to stew on them for a while. Each and every failure, for one reason or another, increases your margin for error when luck meets opportunity and you set up on a big fish.

To be in sync with the underwater world, and to control every controllable, it’s imperative that you take every piece of your system seriously straight down to your hook and line.

If it’s been snagged and recovered; throw it away!
If it bends out; throw it away!
If it’s rusty; throw it away!

With hook prices seldom over $8.00 a pack, and your gear, boat, fuel and entry fee often exceeding $65,000, that $8.99 purchase is extremely minimal. Change and inspect your hooks regularly and you’ll be in the hunt.

Category: Fishing Blog
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