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GanCraft S-Caper 140

Coming in at 140mm (5.5"), the GanCraft S-Caper offers anglers a unique twist to conventional styled topwater walk baits available on the market today. Do to its taller, slender body design, the S-Caper has a dramatic side to side glide when retrieved in normal "Walk the dog" Fashion. A Major problem many anglers rarely focus on is fishing surface baits for inactive or skittish fish. With a weight of 1-1/16 oz., The S-Caper casts like a bullett making this bait a very reliable choice when casting distance is paramount. Highly Detailed cosmetics, fish attraction, color, and it'saerodynamic body design all make the GanCraft S-Caper a must have in the tackle box for all anglers.
GanCraft S-Caper 140 - (High Sound)
Price: $39.99 Stock: 1 Quantity:  
Color: Mitsuboshi Ayu
Length: 5 1/2"
Weight: 1 1/16 oz.
Fall Rate: Flloating
GanCraft S-Caper 140 - (Silent Model)
Price: $39.99 Stock: Out of Stock  
Color: Ayu
Length: 5 1/2"
Weight: 1 1/16 oz.
Fall Rate: Floating
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