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Molix Venator

The Venator is built with a “double density” stainless steel wire, with a thinner and flexible upper arm to trigger more vibrations right on the blades and a thicker lower arm to give more strength when you need to put the fish from the waters right inside the boat. The hook is heavy wire and high quality compared with other spinnerbait sold actually on the market. All those features make this new Venator one of the strongest and appreciate lure ever build. Molix also paid serious attention to the head. It is make with a special “Flat Head” shape that give the perfect balancing during any retrieves.

The oversized 3D eye is studied to attract the fish and give a natural appeal to this lure. The skirt is made with “fine cut” silicon and feature a real life like action typical of schooling baitfish. The wide profile blade used on Venator helps to issue more vibrations even during low speed and slow rolling retrieves.
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