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Molix Sligo 5"

Molix opened a new window on the world of “finesse” fishing with this last custom soft bait project: the Sligo. It’s a new lure poured with an exclusive medium density soft plastic blend and designed with a slim body and a real ultra-thin tail.

This lure is perfect for any finesse technique and, thanks to the “Live Moving Style” action, you can achieve a perfect natural swimming under any condition or with just the simple movements of the water. The best results have been obtained using the Sligo with our Racing jig head thanks to the special swimming action you can obtain with it.

But you can rig it anyway with split shot, drop shot, Texas style with our small tungsten sinker or like a trailer with those trendy mini rubber jigs like our Nano.

It’s enhanced with ultra fine salt crystals and amino-acid scent so the fish will keep it longer after the bite.
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