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Vagabond Air Bait Hawg 3.8"

The 3.8“ Air Bait Hawg from Vagabond Japan brings soft plastic buoyancy to never before seen levels, incorporating proprietary “Vagabond Air Ribs” which capture and trap air between the body rings. Buoyancy will affect the worm’s actions and understanding what the worm does under water will have positive results with your fishing performance. These are the perfect bait when fished on a Texas Rig, or as a jig trailer. The Airbait series worms from Vagabond offer a unique presentation in the water and have a high appeal.
Vagabond Air Bait Hawg 3.8"
Price: $7.49 Stock: 6 Quantity:  
Color: Moebi
Length: 3.8"
Per Pack: 6
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