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Jerry Rago Bait Ball

Designed to simulate a school of baitfish, the Jerry Rago Bait Ball allows you to target finicky suspended bass feeding on shad, as well as, other gamefish that are actively feeding on schools of baitfish. Also known as an Umbrella-rig, it has recently taken the professional bass fishing world by storm - accounting for several high profile wins and top-5 finishes. Featuring a realistic painted head and five, super strong wires equipped with top-of-the-line swivels and snaps, it allows you to attach up to five swimbaits, grubs, spinnerbaits or jigs. Incredibly durable, it won’t tear up on the bottom, and you can even cast it with a stouter, standard rod. Catch a limit with one cast - the Jerry Rago Bait Ball.
Jerry Rago Bait Ball
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Color: Shad
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