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Picasso 9 1/2" 3 Wire School E Rig Bait Ball Extreme

Picasso's latest School-E-Rig takes the Bait Ball to a whole new level. Starting with the 3 wire 6 bait version all the way up to the 7 wire 16 bait version, the Picasso Bait Ball Extreme is the new craze with rigs.

Casey Martin dominated the FLW Tour competition on Lake Chickamauga throwing the Bait Ball Extreme. In the process of taking the tournament win he nearly broke several records with his 103-pound total weight, 30 pound single day stringer and over 22 pound margin of victory. The Picasso Bait Ball Extreme has 5 versions allowing anglers to fish 6 to 16 baits on one umbrella rig while abiding by state laws. The new rig is equipped with industrial strength .051 stainless spring wire and 75-pound snap swivels. Featuring only American-made premium components, including a light weight impact resistant plastic head with an upgraded 100 pound recessed nose swivel to prevent line twist and assure it runs true and prevent the fish from leveraging itself off when hooked.
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