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Decoy Shot Lock

The Decoy Shot Lock L-2 acts as a protective sleeve for fishing line when using a crimping-style weight. To apply the Decoy Shot Lock L-2 to your rig, simply run your line through the loop at the end of the Decoy Shot Lock L-2, and then slide the sleeve onto your fishing line. This sleeve prevents split-shots from sliding up and down the line and reduces the abrasion that is sometimes caused by crimping. A must-have for any angler who likes fishing split shots, the Decoy Shot Lock L-2 is a small addition that can make a big difference.

Designed for use on 2-6 lb. test line.
Decoy Shot Lock Size M
Price: $5.29 Stock: Out of Stock  
Part No: 812310
Size: Medium
Qty: 14 Per Pack
Decoy Shot Lock Size L
Price: $5.29 Stock: Out of Stock  
Part No: 812327
Size: Large
Qty: 14 Per Pack
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