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Jackall Scissor Comb

A unique creature bait riddled with lively appendages, the Jackall Scissor Comb delivers a crazy crawling action that will help you take the lake by storm. Made from a super-durable, high-density plastic, the Jackall Scissor Comb’s bottle-shaped body features eight tantalizing appendages and two super-long antennae that flutter and kick with a mouthwatering action.

Loaded with Jackall’s enticing shrimp scenting, the Jackall Scissor Comb is ideal for Texas-rigs, Neko-rigs, Dropshots, and even weightless.Proven successful by some of Japan’s top professional anglers, the Jackall Scissor Comb delivers a unique presentation that stateside bass won't be able to resist.
Jackall Scissor Comb
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Color: Crawdad
Per Pack: 5
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