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Bomber Fat Free Shad Fingerling

The Bomber Fat Free Shad is one of the most value packed crankbaits on the market today. By design, these crankbaits are one of the most efficient baits made. That means that while the profile of the lure is big and bulky, the cross-section is narrower which allows the big bill to get them down quick and deep with minimal effort.

This design also creates a wide but fast wobble that you can feel all the way to your elbow when you retrieve the lure. The wobble causes the built-in rattles to create an underwater sound wave that will really piss-off big bass. All these crankbaits have a beautiful, light reflective finish that will attract a lot of attention and generate more bites.

Length: 2 2/5"
Weight: 3/8 oz.
Diving Depth: 8-10 ft.
Class: Slow Floating
Bomber Fat Free Shad Fingerling
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Color: Foxy Shad
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