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DeM Jigs Joe Football Head Jigs

The DeM Jigs Joe Football Jig head is wider than most in its category and the head is designed to keep the jig from falling to its side and taking the hook and trailer with it. The eye is set back in the head, which pulls the hook upright during presentation and pulls it up harder during hook sets. Having your jig consistently in the upright position means two things. First, the presentation of your bait is natural. Second, when your jig hook is in the upright position your chances of hooking the fish in the roof of the mouth are greater.

These jigs are all hand powder painted and there is no secret that living rubber is a proven material that just flat out entices the unwilling ones. The skirt material is secured with permanently colored copper wire. Tied by hand, each jig skirt is consistent and colors stay where they were intended to be.
Dem Jigs Joe Football Jig - 1/2 oz.
Price: $5.99 Stock: Out of Stock  
Part No: DJ-JFB-BRN-1/2
Color: Brown
Weight: 1/2 oz.
Dem Jigs Joe Football Jig - 1/2 oz.
Price: $5.99 Stock: 1 Quantity:  
Part No: DJ-JFB-BRNPL-1/2
Color: Brown Purple
Weight: 1/2 oz.
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