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#50 Chatter, Chatter Chatter
Posted by Matt MagnoneApril 25, 2014, 8:19 PM
Ooh baby I love it!

Much like the pre-Spawn, the post Spawn can be one of the most exciting times of the year to fish if you let it. Many people refer to this time of year as having the "Post Spawn Blues". Well in reality, if you want the bite to be tough; believe you me it will be!

I, on the other hand, refuse to let a lake "tell me" that it's tough. I'm going to figure it out by putting in the time to find the active biting fish. By active biters I'm referring to the fish that want to chew rather than the fish that are still in recovery. This time of year bass will take their time in a recovery stage recouping from the duration of the spawn. Keep in mind, all fish spawn at different times. Rather than target the fish that may have just left the bed, I go in search of the fish that have spawned earlier. To me, the perfect presentation is something used to cover a vast amount of water. My favorite choice is the Chatter bait.

For those of you who may not have an understanding of what a Chatter bait is I'll briefly explain. A Chatter bait is merely a swim jig with a blade attached to the line tie of the jig head. A snap is affixed to the blade and this is your "new" line tie. Being that you tie to the snap as opposed to the actual jig head, the way water passes over the lure in turn changes. As water passes around the blade, the forces the blade to wobble side to side which in turn causes the jig head to shimmy back and forth. Adding a trailer bait to the back of the skirted jig will in turn provide even more action.

The name Chatter bait comes form the original manufacturer now owned by the company called Zman. The term Chatter bait often times gets loosely grouped into the vast category of swim jigs or vibrating jigs.

To throw a Chatterbait all you need is a standard jig rod between 7' and 8' and a reel, both geared and spooled, appropriate to the body of water that you're fishing. For instance, I fish a Dobyns 804C with a 6.4:1 Abu Garcia Revo SX spooled with 40# braid spliced to 15# Seaguar fluorocarbon leader material. Being that this is a reaction technique with the fish not being able to get a good look at the bait, you're able to jump your line size.

The beauty of the Chatter bait retrieve is the fact that all you need to know is how to "chuck and wind". Much the same as a crank bait, the Chatter bait creates its own action. An angler can cover a vast amount of water in a quick amount of time with just turning the handle. What I like to do to add in action is to add a stop, go and burn technique into my retrieve. I'll be clipping along at a pretty good pace then I'll all of the sudden kill the bait giving it a couple second pause. By doing this fish that are chasing it often times end up running into the bait and just demolish it. If I don't get bit I'll pick my speed back up. After a few feet I'll increase my speed then drop it back down. As an angler we need to create an illusion of realism. Make your bait look as if its a natural forage. Make it move erratic. In doing so, often times you'll be able to trigger fish into reacting as opposed to relying on them to want to eat.

When selecting your trailer type be open minded. Match the forage you're trying to imitate by both color and size and you should be on the right track. There are times I go with a straight tail trailer and times I go with a boot tail design. My choice revolves around the activity level of the fish I'm after. This changes on sometimes a daily basis. For the most part, any number of baits will work, you'll just have to let your gut and confidence take over.

In conclusion the Chatter bait can be just the difference you need on the water to separate yourself from other anglers. It's a great bait for covering water in both the pre and the post spawn and has the drawing power to elicit strikes from even the largest bass. Definitely give it a shot; You wont be disappointed!

Photo: Big one today on the swimjig / 4" Predator combo !!!  Love this lake !!'

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