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#52 Spy Baitin' the Post Spawn
Posted by Matt MagnoneMay 07, 2014, 8:22 AM
Gotten a little away from reporting on how the lake is doing lately. I've been charging full speed ahead in the search of giants but the last couple trips I've laid the big bait down to some degree for a little old fashioned fun. The past few years I've taken major interest in baits with little to no action. Stuff like the Seira Minnow by Jackall, Prop Magic by Evergreen and the Spinbait from Duo just to give examples. Previously all I've had to mess with was the Gancraft baits and baits I've made in my garage.

The past few trips I've been on an absolute wrecking spree with the Spinbait 80 by Duo Realis. You've all heard the hype behind these baits for the past year or so and many of you probably picked one up and ended up throwing it in the corner of the garage after a trip with absolute zero confidence. I for one wasn't sure what to make of the bait when I bought my first one. iIve previously been conditioned to prefer baits in this category with a more horizontal swim path rather than a bait with more of a 45 path. For those of you who have no clue whatsoever I'm talking about I'll shed a little light.

This is a Duo Realis Spinbait 80 in a color i'm wrecking them on. It's a nothing fancy gill pattern. Those of you familiar to old baits like the Devil Horse or the Torpedo may look at this and assume its a surface bait. Wrong. This bait, at 3/8oz, sinks allowing you to pick an individual part of the water column you want to target. I've effectively caught fish from 30' recently with them and even though i'm swimbait crazy; these things are a blast. All you have to do is open the bail and count her down. I'm throwing them on a Megabass Orochi XX F3.1/2 70XXS with an Abu Garcia Revo Premier PRM20 Premier spooled with 4" Seaguar InvizX Fluorocarbon. Basically a 7' drop shot rod, a medium speed spinning reel and light line.

To get the action started all you have to do is count the bait down to your target zone once you've located fish and then simply start turning the reel handle. It's that simple. Keep in mind at the end of the cast you want to be turning the handle at a faster speed than when the bait is approaching the boat. In doing so the bait's allowed to keep its path along the zone you're intending to fish. I've found this bait AWESOME when the algae was up. I was able to present the bait just under the bulk of the junk with minimal clogging of the props. The bluegill were holding high in the column along the walls just under the junk and i was able to present this bait horizontally alongside them. When you get bit all it'll feel like is you grabbing grass. All you have to do is wind into the bite and you're solid. The majority of fish are around 2-3 pounds but it still makes for a RAD day on the water! The way I describe the retrieve to people is just as if you were to wind a ribbon tail worm v waking it across the surface just fast enough to get the tail to move. Nice and steady with minimal movement.

Hopefully you guys can have fun with this bite. I figured I'd throw it out there for all to play with. It's been going on since the bait came out but lately just went absolutely ballistic! If you have any questions with the bait,

Stop into:

Last Chance Bait and Tackle
3356 Wentworth DR
Hemet,CA 92545
(951) 658-7410

To find the baits I'm referring to check out this link:

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