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#59 Time for Transition
Posted by Matt MagnoneSeptember 25, 2014, 10:44 AM
Well it's no secret as Summer rolls into Fall we're seeing a great deal of bass working together in schools wolf packing on prey fish such as Bluegill, Shad, Silverside Minnow and Pond Smelt. These fish can often be the most difficult to catch, but can often times be the most fun you'll have all season. 

One thing I tend to look for this time of year are areas where there is current. While down in Southern California we don't have the privelege of fishing moving water as most of our lakes, or should I say "ponds", are land locked. There are however other forms of current we encounter. Wind current, water fluctuations and recreation boat traffic all provide an element of moving water. As the winds shift in the afternoons and begin to pick up speed, they in combination with boat traffic tend  to push the surface layer of the water column. As the wind develops chop, waves and rollers, that layer begins to pick up speed down the bank which in turn creates ample hot spots in the form of off colored water, mud lines and debree on most wind blown shorelines. Think in terms of shorelines and coves that are facing into the wind. These covess or shorelines I often call "Bait and Wind Traps". Like I've always said " Follow the wind", "Find the bait", "Imagine the wind is a finger pointing at the shoreline you need to be fishing." 

Keep it simple. Follow the WInd, Birds and Bait and you'll find the fish!

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