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Vagabond Air Hawgs!!!
Posted by Matt MagnoneFebruary 04, 2014, 8:02 PM
New Vagabond baits!
Super stoked to get some new baits from Vagabond in the shop. Been a while coming. Many of you have already known about the Vagabond hardbaits. These Air Hawgs are something WICKED!

Shakey head them, Texas rig them or even use them as a jig trailer; These things will get it done! Check them out in the "Craw" section of the website!
Photo: Some new Vagabond plastics is stock and on website
Category: Fishing Blog
Jarda  5/24/2014 09:22:11 AM
Tube fishing is ecnellext in Florida? when the bass are on beds or in thick cover and you are flipping. I don't use them much there besides that. We use them mostly in lightly weeded lakes with gravel/sand/rock mix. Great Lakes are hard to be when throwing a tube!Thanks,Art Ferguson
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