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Mixing it up
Posted by mmagnone, 7/18/2015 10:48:25 PM
As is the struggle with many Southern California anglers, it's always hard to mix and change things up when we have limited water in our immediate inland areas to fish. Lake levels are at an all time low, Quagga Mussel restrictions are at an all time high and many lakes simply don't have enough launch ramp in the water for us to launch our boats. 

What do we do? Do we hang it up and wait, or do we fight our way to stay on the water?

I for one have always touted myself as simply a bass fisherman. I put so much emphasis in fishing for and landing trophy bass that I ignored the other types of fishing in my life that provided me with an immense amount of fun. 

I used to dedicate equal time on the ocean kayak fishing the coast line as I did pursuing Largemouth Bass. In recent years I simply gave it up for my quest to land Trophy Largemouth. Recently I picked up right where I left off and snagged me another kayak. The amount of water and options we have doesnt stop simply at freshwater. Anglers can venture less that 2 hours to the ocean and have a complete kick in the pants on some truly quality fish. 

Just recently I landed a true fish of a lifetime. A Bluefin Tuna off the kayak less than 5 miles off the coastline. Next time you re-consider going fishing or have simply burned yourself out on your local water, give the other "pond" a shot. It might just give you the breathe of fresh air you needed to get back on your lakes when they become available. 

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