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El Nino!
Posted by mmagnone, 9/7/2015 07:34:01 PM
Fishing has been nothing short of spectacular this year of our Southern California coastline. In normal years, anglers are used to traveling 40 miles + in order to tap into Pelagic Species such as Yellowfin, Bluefin or even Dorado, but in the last twoyears unusually warm ocean currents have allowed for some sensational fishing within sight of the coastline. Several trips this year have literally been within sight of California's Pacific Coast Highway almost being able to make out beach goers. I mean, Seriously!?

This past week Last Chance Bait and Tackle embarked on an overnight trip on the Pride out of Seaforth Landing. 15 anglers set off no more than 40 miles for spectacular Yellowfin and Dorado fishing. While the captain pointed out that 20# matched with 20# Fluoro was the key to getting bit, I found myself fishing straight 40# mono and at times jumping on the 50# outfit for almost lift pole style fishing. Like all trips, time at the rail as well as rotating fresh baits was the key to getting bit.  While the fish lacked in quality, full speed style fishing made up for it. Get out there guys and experience a truly EPIC year!

For anglers looking to get out, I recommend 4 set ups to make your trip a fun adventure. 
  1. 20# / 25#   Live Bait
  2. 40#             Live Bait
  3. 50#             Yo Yo Iron (Flat Fall, 6x Jr. Colt Sniper)
  4. 40#             Popper/Surface Iron
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