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DVL News
Posted by mmagnone, 1/17/2016 01:38:25 PM
Hey guys just checking in with an update for the local anglers. Diamond Valley Lake is starting to pop off. The bite is surprisingly strong for Winter conditions. While it's not as good as some of the 20 fish type days Spring and Summer time anglers can expect to encounter anglers can expect to find a bite where 5-10 fish couuld be the norm.

With the lake being closed to private boaters, due to low water level, the Bass have had a chance to mellow out and are doing exactly what they should be doing this time of year. Anglers can expectt to find most of thier fish on most any area with deep water access near by. With our region coming out of the coldest part of Winter, Bass are starting to position themselves on main lake, and secondary structure spots with a good batch of fish almost acting as if they're in the Pre Spawn mode. While the water temperature is still in the 50's, a Pre Spawn bite is typically still a ways away, but there is a good amount of fish holding in that 25'  of water zone as opposed to the typical Winter 40-50' stuff.  

Big fish are always the first to come up and typically I'll start noticing that in late January and early February the fish will start pulling up to areas adjacent to prime spawning flats. Roads, corners of the dams and creek channels and drains are typical stuff to look for. 

With fishing pressure almost nothing on the main lake, I would urge anglers to explore the fishery before the flood gates open and all the amazing visual structure is lost to rising water. 
Boats are 1/2 off on Wednesdays and if anglers are looking for a trolling motor, I strongly urge them to bring a battery along to prolong the life of the motor. With these boats being a far cry from the boats we either own or have the privelege to fish from, keep in mind, the rentals make noise, the decks flex and they are dinged up but THEY ARE A FISHING PLATFORM THAT FUNCTIONS!

Get out there and have a blast. I know I am!

Category: Fishing Blog
Posted by mmagnone, 1/14/2016 10:37:09 AM
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Category: Fishing Blog
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