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Earth Shakin' and Bass
Posted by mmagnone, 7/9/2019 11:24:44 AM

Earthquakes and Bass-

As Bass Fisherman there's no shortage of superstition, excuse or ego when it comes to either a good or bad day on the water. According to our infinite wisdomas anglers, Mother Nature either helps or hinders us, but in the grand scheme of things does it truly matter when it comes down to the hour, minute or fraction of a second it takes for a spot or fish to become active?

What prompted this article was the recent earthquakes we've been having in Southern California. When the ground decides to burp or fart, anglers and the general public decide to throw us into a state of emergency. We start freaking out thinking the world is going to end and more importantly the fish are going to stop eating. Don't let this sound as if I'm trivializing natural disaster as I personally know people affected in recent events, but when it comes down to natural phenomenon, we tend to take hold with authority and own the events as if known fact.

When it comes down to it. We speak through a learned experience of trial and error not pure factual evidence

When it comes down to the fishing side of things, for every action there's a reaction. Lately I've been reading many posts about whether or not the recent earthquakes are affecting the fish. To me, and for the sake of this discussion, I personally believe the shake in environment helps the fishing.

Sure when I have a bad day, I start to question how the elements hurt me rather than sit down and realize that I just flat out sucked that day. I didn't adapt to changing conditions, I wanted to fish pre designated patterns, I fished severely unclean and I most likely just wasn't around the right fish to do good. Rather than me blaming nature, I should be blaming myself for lack of adaptation. Nobody wants to talk bad about themselves or their abilities being an issue, but rather talk to make themselves look a lot better than they are.

Our mind is our best and worst enemies in fishing and the biggest factor in a good day or a bad day. If we go into a day thinking we're going to rock, our confidence allows us to have no limitation. Now if we go into a day thinking it's gonna suck and most likely you're going to simply go through the motions. It takes a special angler to create his own confidence and know when the little things simply don't matter. #Provemewrong.

Here's my theory with earthquakes. Right, wrong or indifferent it's my own theory, I truly believe the shake in environment can stimulate fish in a positive response. A perfect analogy would be the same as the shake of the a doormat. You track dirt, debris, dog hair etc. onto your rug throughout the work week. Aside from vaccum cleaning, the quickest way to clean a rug is to shake it out. Out flings, dust, dirt, leaves and whatever garbage that was stuck to it. This theory might possibly apply to the underwater world. That little bit of movement may force the smallest of organisms out of their hiding spaces and out in the open. This in turn may stimulate the fish into feeding. Possible? Maybe. Fact? You never know. Kind of a nonsense analogy, but imagine going into your backyard and stomping around a wood pile. Creatures whether big or small often take residence in the cool shade concealed from predators and the elements. Guarantee you if you stomp around long enough, somethings gonna scurry out. Had a bird, been around and a bug scurried out under and earthquake. Would that bird pass up a possible opportunity at a food source?

So why would Bass be any different. If a positive feeding opportunity presents itself to a predator, being opportunists more than likely they're gonna take advantage of it.
There have been times where I would have sworn it all made a difference. Sometimes I still do and I mean, how could it not right!? The more I realize over time is EVERYTHING MATTERS, but then NOTHING MATTERS AT ALL. There are no rules.

I'm a complete basket case when it comes to trying to over analyze fishing. The catching of bass is cool, but I like to understand what stimulated a feeding response, why the fish responded to this retrieve or how environment plays a factor. To me it's not really about what can I do to get bit, it's more about understanding bass and how I'm able to repeat the process. Through these last few earthquakes, I've never seen so many crawdads in my livewells. I mean, it's really staggering. Situational? Timing? Factor in fish behavior? I truly don't know.

With earthquakes happening every day whether we feel them or not, who's to say that there may be some correlation to time of year, bottom disturbance and fish activity? Guys are too quick to point out why they didnt catch fish but need to question WHY THEY DID! Sometimes the little things make all the difference in catching and landing more bass.

All I know is bass need to eat. They might not eat all the time, but they still have to eat.

-Matt Magnone
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