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Having Fun and Forgetting
Posted by mmagnone, 1/2/2020 10:50:47 AM
 It's funny, as baits progress and techniques advance, anglers constantly feel the need to search the latest and the greatest forgetting what makes them happy. We strive to be the elite and try to impress but yet,  many of us are missing what the overall quarry is. We're after catching fish. Of course the ultimate goal is to catch the biggest fish that swim in our bodies of water, but should we be willing to throw away tried and true past techniques for the sudden urge to be a "Big Fish" angler?

I've spent over 20 years busting my butt trying to become the best bass angler I could be but in the last 18 years I've dedicated much of my time on the water chasing and trying to land trophy Largemouth Bass. Although I've been successful in my attempts, in doing so, I've shyed away from what it was that got me to this point in my career as an angler. I felt the need to convince myself to throw away the "Small FIsh" techniques and focus a great deal on fishing "Big FIsh" techniques. The funny thing is that I've come full circle with the fact that Techniques are Techniques and Baits are Baits. Techniques stay the same but yet, baits change.

Is there really much difference between a Lunker Punker vs. a Zara Spook?
What about a Chatterbait and a Triple Trout?
And what about a Spinnerbait and an Alabama RIg?

The answer is NoThink about it. all the above mentioned baits are one in the same.  Each bait follows the same technique. We as anglers just like to complicate things and sometimes miss the point. Before we throw away everything and convice ourselves we need to upsize EVERYTHING, take in stride the fact that sometimes big fish eat small baits. 

Lately, while still on the hunt for Giant Bass,  I'm taking a step back in my approach. I'm understanding in greater detail what it is Bass relate to, paths they follow, and forage they eat seasonally. We all know that a big bait generally equals big fish. I'm a firm believer in this theory. It's simple logic. If you throw a big profiled lure long enough you'll eventually come in contact with an above average sized fish. It may take a lot of hard work, time and money, but eventually it will happen.
What about when big fish are feeding on crawdads 3" long?
Is that same 12" swimbait STILL the best choice?
Think about it. Is it really worth catching 10 good fish a year when if following the habits of the same class of fish could yield double that amount?

Why is it that we complicate something so uncomplicated???
As Bill Murphy said:
"Bass Fishing should be freedom. Freedom to experiment and fish whatever your instincts tell you no matter what everyone else says. You dont have to use pork rind instead of plastic when the water is cold because pork rind is more pliable; all this is nonsense"
" You don't have to fish a specific zone because the water is a certain temperature. You've got to be free. You've got to have a lot of imagination to make this freedom work for you, because BASS DON't KNOW! They don't know they're supposed to be at a certain place at a certail cyle because that's what science determined. They just don't have any idea and that's how you have to approach these fish"
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