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Water Current
Posted by mmagnone, 10/5/2020 10:02:09 AM
 One thing often overlooked on freshwater lakes and reservoirs and is water current. Whenever you have any type of water movement whether it be from afternoon winds on a lake to a heavy drift on the ocean, when water current aligns itself correctly with a prime feeding location the odds begin to stack in your favor. Current brings food whether it be plankton which smaller fin bait feed on, or the pushing of Threadfin Shad into a back of a cove on a wind blown point. Fish utilize this movement to their benefit and know how and where to position themselves to insure their chance at catching their prey. 

As anglers having a strong understanding of their body of water and it's locations will help you piece together the puzzle faster. Pay attention to afternoon winds which in turn generate wind driven current, areas that have any type of up-welling that inadvertently pushes water from deep to shallow in a quick amount of time and pay attention to bird activity. All variables stack in your favor and have the ability to show you as an angler high percentage locations from dead water. 
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