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Posted by mmagnone, 5/19/2020 11:28:26 AM
In the midst of the COVID19 shut down the majority of our freedoms in recreational fishing have been stripped down. Great news in the past few weeks to a month, Diamond Valley Lake has re-opened to some awesome fishing. As with any closure, the first couple weeks anglers were greeted with fantastic bass fishing. Numbers and size were abundant, but as the days progressed, fishing increasingly started settling into "typical' Diamond Valley. 
You're going to get bit but you'll just need to think before you pre plan and react. 

Instead of thinking the fishing is going to be easy and the bass will be bound to jump on whatever you throw at them, think about techniques and patterns that'll coax a pressured fish into biting. With as many anglers on the lake as there has been,, obviously the fish have been pressured. Fact. This doesnt mean that the fish simply aren't biting. 

If it were up to me and I needed to go out and just simply get bit, I would throw the following:

Drop Shot
Texas Rig 
Soft Plastic Jerkbait

All these techniques not only fit the time of year, they all have the ability to be fished from the bank out to 40' of water. While not my favorite methods to go out and just enjoy a day of fishing, they get bit and get bit well. Often times when it's just me, my boat and day off, I tend to look for a bigger bite. In doing so I go out with a ' Swing For the Fence" mentality. Go big or go home. While in the Winter I may reach out for a 10" swimbait, in the Summer I back it down a few notches but still fish bulk. Bulk gets big bites. 

If I were to fish HOW I WANTED, Id probably be pretty reliant on a Buzzbait, Frog and a Soft Plastic Swimbait skipped in and around the shoreline brush and shade pockets. As the water begins to warm into Summer temperatures, and the algae begins to pop off, the Frog, Buzzbait and Swimbait all create disturbance on the surface of the water giving fish a means to track the bait due to how each bait disperses water. Each bait is weedless and each bait you can put way back into cover with the fear of fouling up. 

Keep it simple, keep it basic, cover a lot of water and have a blast!
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