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#78 Natures Angles' of Operation
Posted by Matt MagnoneMay 13, 2015, 8:35 PM

Throughout the year Bass will associate themselves around critical ambush points based on the seasonal migration routes of their forage. To consistently keep your rod bent, understanding Mother Natures “Angles of Operation” are critical in putting more and larger fish in the boat
Whether novice or advanced, all anglers needs to follow their ABC’s.

A: Associate yourselves with fish holding cover and structure
B: Be around the food source
C. Correctly present your bait at the proper angle and speed governed by current conditions

In the Spring, forage, whether it is Shad, Bluegill, Crappie, Carp or Crawdads follow the same cue to head to the bank in preparation for feeding, spawning and security as the water steadily warms. As a Bass, optimal feeding locations are governed by the forage base, available cover/structure elements and security. Whatever the case may be, Bass know their prey and, like lions or tigers, are machines at the ambush game!

Knowing how the principle forage base is moving, whether it be uphill in the Spring and Fall, or downhill in the Summer and Winter, Bass will strategize and put themselves in a better position conducive to ambush and feed in that manner. In return, as anglers, we need to think less like the predator and more like the prey paying attention to all mother nature’s clues.

Being aware of nature’s “Angles of Operation” is the determining factor between a mediocre and a banner day on the water.

Matt Magnone from patterning Post Spawn Bass with a Megabass V Flat Power Bomb spinner bait

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