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Plano Inhibitor 3650 ProLatch

The Plano 3650 Pro Latch tackle box addresses the problem many people face with their Plano 3600 size tackle storage systems. The 3600 tackle box is smaller than the 3700 tackle boxes and it has smaller compartments, so it can be difficult to store large items like big topwater baits, big crankbaits, swimbaits or even a spool of line. The Plano 3650 tackle box has a large, open storage compartment that allows you to keep large, bulky items. Even your smaller 3600 size storage system will fit inside. The Pro Latch eliminates the flap type hinge that would sometimes break on the older model. If you have a 3600 storage system the 3650 box will be a great addition!
- Versatile adjustable bulk storage utility box
- 6-21 adjustable compartments
- Secure ProLatch locking system
Plano Inhibitor 3650 ProLatch
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