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Molex Kento Jigs

With the Kento Jig, Molix, created a versatile jig that can be used for pitching and flipping inside heavy cover as well as for more sophisticated techniques like a swimming jig and fishing down to rocky bottoms.

The result of their efforts is an excellent combination between head, hook and skirt. There are no details left unturned. The shape of the head allows maximum penetration inside the cover and is well balanced during the retrieve (swimming jig). The number of fibers in the weed guard is based on the jig weight and combines a perfect weedless effect with a safe hook set. The heavy wire hook is positioned to give a perfect stand up effect and better hookset.

The trailer stopper is in line with the hook point and holds the pork or the plastic chunk perfectly. The skirt is built with high quality silicon and features the new LSS (Live Skirt System) that gives a natural appeal and more life like action to the bait. It’s durable and resistant and helps to attract more fish.
Molex Kento Jig - 3/8 oz.
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Color: Crazy Grape
Weight: 3/8 oz.
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