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Hog Farmer Hybrid Underspin

The Hog Farmer Hybrid Underspin was designed to swim your favorite finesse swimbait in the skinniest of waters or fall through the water column slower than any Underspin on the market. The Titanium wire holding the premium ball bearing swivel and 3.5 willow leaf blade will flex and not obstruct the hook up ratio when a fish sucks it in or traps it to the bottom. This Hybrid Underspin has been extremely productive while being slow rolled and can be fished in 1-3' of water with absolute ease.
Hog Farmer Hybrid Underspin
Price: $7.99 Stock: Out of Stock  
Color: Natural Chartreuse
Hook Qty: 3/0
Weight: 3/8 oz.
Hog Farmer Hybrid Underspin
Price: $7.99 Stock: 1 Quantity:  
Color: Natural Clear
Hook Size: 4/0
Weight: 1/2 oz.
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