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22nd Century 14" Triple Trout

Extremely versatile and effective, the 22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbait solves many of the problems anglers encounter when fishing a "big bait," which is part of the reason it's been a favorite with tournament anglers, trophy hunters and guides for years. Delivering an extraordinarily life-like S-curve action at any speed from blazing fast to a super slow, the Triple Trout's speed versatility provides an array of options on the retrieve. Also, if you rip the bait then give it a little slack, the lure actually does a 180 and turns backwards, which is something few lures can do.

Capable of swimming at any depth, the Triple Trout's lipless design eliminates the issue of broken diving bills, and the its tail also features a simple screw-in attachment for quick and easy replacement. Another notable innovation is the bearing swivels that attach the hooks to the bait's body. This allows the hooks to rotate independently, making it harder for fish to leverage and throw them during the fight. Designed by Scott Whitmer, one of the pioneers of swimbaits as we know them today, the 22nd Century Triple Trout Swimbait is a quality swimbait that has been catching fish from coast-to-coast.
22nd Century 14" Triple Trout
Price: $180.00 Stock: Out of Stock  
Color: Custom Bone Trout
Length: 14"
Weight: 12 2/5 oz.
Type: Sinking
Fall Rate: Slow
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