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Mattlures U2 Bluegill Boot Tail

The Mattlures Ultimate Gill 2 (U2 gill) is the baby brother of the famous Ultimate Bluegill. The U2 gill has been improved in just about every way. The U2 is made with a more durable plastic, it is better balanced, and it’s an overall cleaner bait. The paint jobs are some of the best ever seen on a soft plastic swimbait. They come in three different versions. A slow sink swimming bait with a finned boot tail that is perfect for swimming over the tops of weeds and past ambush point where big bass are waiting to eat a little sunfish. The boot tail can also be fished just under the surface creating a wake that imitates a fleeing bluegill.
Mattlures U2 Bluegill Boot Tail
Price: $17.99 Stock: Out of Stock  
Color: White
Length: 4"
Weight: 1 oz.
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