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Owner Spinnerbait Trailer Hooks

The Owner 5131 Spinnerbait Trailer Hooks have a wide gap, round bend, oversized eye, and a heavy-duty, forged short shank. They are ideal for rigging as a trailer on spinnerbaits and jigs, or as a replacement hook for spoons. Skinned eye keeps rigged hook from slipping off. Features include Cutting Point® and nickel finish.
Owner Spinnerbait Trailer Hook #2/0
Price: $4.79 Stock: 2 Quantity:  
Part No: 5131-124
Size: 2/0
Color: Nickel
Qty: 7 Per Pack
Owner Spinnerbait Trailer Hook #3/0
Price: $4.79 Stock: 1 Quantity:  
Part No: 5131-134
Size: 3/0
Color: Nickel
Qty: 6 Per Pack
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