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No talk on DVL
Posted by mmagnone, 12/8/2012 10:52:15 PM
bite is there but have to grind it out. the swimbait fish have been on and off. its all timing right now. hit the same spot 10 times throughout the day and you'll figure out how they want it. its tough; but do able. a lot my fish have been without rhyme or reason. i can hit a spot at what i would think would be the most optimal time but i'll show up high noon, bright sky and no wind and catch one. its weird stuff. falling water is changing how the fish have been positioned. there are a lot of roamers packing down the bank but the fish on the primary edges are moving around like mad as well and setting up funny. hardest part is locating and figuring out how the fish want it. find the depth, find the bait and COMMIT. know the fish are on the spot you're fishing and force feed them into biting. a lot has to do with confidence in the bait you're throwing and understanding what each turn of the handle is doing to the bait underwater. is the tail speeding up? is it slowing down? did that one handle crank move your bait inches up or by slowing down did you allow that bait to sink? you know what i mean? the hudd has been a key player in my bite the past 3 months.

deeper structure oriented fish have been chewing but you have to be willing to really commit to the bait you're throwing. dont search the box to find what the fish are eating. its not spring or summer time. we all know the colors, we all know the techniques. we all know where these deeper fish hang. dedicate to what you know and throw it all day long. a lot of fish are around 25-30' you can go deeper and catch fish but the majority of the active fish are in that depth range. shake a worm, throw a jig or drag a dropshot and you can catch them. its sculpin, crawdad and bluegill time.

like i said above, COMMIT to the baits you know. the bite definitely is tougher, but the lake isnt dead. the fish have to eat. they arent stopping because of algae, blasting, or boat traffic. i dont stop eating for a week at a time. im going to eat every day. when a customer (boat) comes into the tackle shop (spot) i may stop and wait for him to grab some stuff, but rest assured when he leaves im gonna stuff my face. fish alter their feeding times hence the phrase we all use called "timing". keep in the back of your mind that there's always a wide open bite. ALL THE TIME. its just a matter of figuring out what they want and how they want it. on an average weekday im catching maybe 10 fish. the bigger bites have been swimbait fish and when i decide to put the big rod down, the average structure fish has been around 2 1/4 -3 pounds with 12" -14" fish in the mix. some days with optimal conditions im catching 5 swimmer fish. other days im catching 1. some days i just get bit. the days where im getting corn holed on the swimbait i check deeper stuff to see if the fish pulled back and might want a more subdued bait.

its not a terrible bite out on the lake. quality is definitely tough, numbers are tough, but there's a whole mess of short fish out there to keep us all occupied.

keep at it guys! winter time is winter time.
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Fish Report- Diamond Valley Week of 12/3
Posted by mmagnone, 12/3/2012 06:52:36 PM
Fish Report Week of 12/3/2012

Diamond Valley
It's no secret by now. The bass bite has been a little tougher the last few weeks. Fish have transitioned from their fall patterns into a more winter bite. The majority of fish have moved deeper but there is still a strong population of fish up tight to the bank. One thing to always remember: No matter the time of year or conditions you're encountering; There are always going to be shallow fish and theres always going to be deep fish. It just depends on which are in a more positive feeding state. Certain variables such as wind, sun, drop in barometric pressure or boat traffic can shut certain fish down or spike  the level in which they feed. The only way to know for sure is to put yourself in a position where you're on the water as much as possible. Time on the water is your friend. 

Shallow fish have been pulled on the swimbait as well as more tradition techniques like the texas rig, drop shot or even some reaction baits like the crank or jerkbait. It''s been a hit or miss type thing. Conditions are dictating whether your need to work the shallow fish or abandon them for the deeper fish.  Let the conditions tell you what to do and allow yourselves to listen to the fish. 
Deeper fish have been showing on swimbaits such as the bottom draggers like the L.A. Slider and the Huddleston. If the swimbait isn't your game, pick up a jig or a plastic worm and work your favorite types of structure or cover. A good population of active fish have been around the 25'-50' zone.

Stripers have been on and off the past week. Some guys have been throwing the bubble and fluke getting some fish and others are still doing decent on the fly. Its all about timing. First hour on the active fish and then you need to go searching. The swimbait bite has been up and down. Some guys are doing pretty well but its definitely been a different year. A lot of the fish want a presentation a little slower than normal. The Mattlures Dead Twitch has been getting bit pretty good as well as the Huddleston.

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Fish Report- Diamond Valley Week of 11/11
Posted by mmagnone, 11/16/2012 11:54:50 PM
Fish Report Week of 11/11/2012

Diamond Valley
About 80% of the customers coming into the shop this past week reported a very slow bite at the lake. The bite is slow to some degree, but there are several bites happening under peoples noses. Ask yourselves to evaluate your recent trips. What did you see? What did you hear? What did you feel?

If you've been out there's no secret; bait is up. Combination silversides and a limited amount of shad ( a customer showed me a picture 
and yep.... shad). On just about any given bank on the lake you can see schools of silversides flooding the shallows with the bass following either boiling or sitting below. This kind of fishing can be fast and furious. Take your favorite underspin, scrounger, v wake bait and have it. While catching them really isnt the hard part; locating them is. There are lots of innactive fish but when you find the right wolf pack its game on.

If the bait bite isn't your style you can fall back on traditional techniques and pick away at the structure oriented fish. Majority of fish down around 30'. and around 1-3 pounds. A  lot of fish are  positioned on secondary points near backs of coves. Areas where they can sit , wait, ambush bait then return back all in the matter of a few tail kicks. Why expend more energy than absolutely necessary.

The swimbait bite is there, but you definitely gotta grind it out. I'll get bit..... an hour later hook 2..... 45 minutes later catch 1..... two hours later get bit again. On a good day right now i'll end up hooking 5-7 fish.  It's extremely hard fishing, but if you grind it out you can have a pretty good day as long as you listen to mother nature!!!!!!!

Stripers have been boiling out in the main lake on a frequent basis. Timing is the key. Early and late you're sure to see fish up popping around. Birds are your indicator. While not as extreme as years past; its definitely a good sign! 

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Fish Report- Diamond Valley Week of 10/28
Posted by mmagnone, 11/6/2012 07:49:53 PM
Fish Report Week of 10/28/2012

Diamond Valley
Bass fishing has been a definite grind the past week. As conditions continue to change fishing has done the same. One day of cooler weather then the next two of warmth. Definite pain in the butt. Despite changing conditions, there's most definitely a few bites and they can be an extremely frustrating thing at that. Inland silversides are flooding the bank with fish following hot on their trail. Downsize your baits and think "dying" and you should be okay. Most guys are pounding bank with the shad baits and while some are doing fairly well, others are struggling. The larger fish don't want to expend any more energy than is absolutely necessary. As smaller fish gorge themselves blowing the doors off the bait balls, Larger fish are waiting below picking off leftovers. Why work your butt off to chase a bait when you can sit and have the food delivered to your face? Flukes, flashtrix and small darter headed plastics have been getting bit however I would focus more on a weightless approach.

Another bite you guys may want to focus on is the deeper jig bite. Although quality is still a gamble deep, there has been a steady pick on 1-3 pound fish down around the 25-40 ft range. Stick with the same colors as normal with a green pumpkin influence and you should be okay. 

If all else fails you can always fall back on the dropshot bite. While boring indeed; it definitely puts fish in the boat. 4" Roboworm Orange Crusher and 4" Zoom Watermelon Candy trick worms have been doing well in the 25-40 ft depths. I've turned several of my customers onto this bite and they've been catching fish. Size of fish isn't there, but any fish is a fun fish if it's slow! 

With loads upon loads of trout being dumped into the lake by both Department of Fish and Game and Mt Lassen, Bass have been gorging on trout. While the theory of too much bait is always a negative, bass are extremeley opportunistic. If they see something remotely the same size as the forage they're chewing ; they're gonna eat it. Use logic when throwing the plug right now. Match the size of trout, match the depth range and do your best to identify the cadence. Definitely a lot to handle in a limited time span.

Stripers have been boiling out in the main lake on a frequent basis. Timing is the key. Early and late you're sure to see fish up popping around. Birds are your indicator. While not as extreme as years past; its definitely a good sign! Swimbaits have been doing fairly well for me in recent trips. With stripers, its a timing thing  in a lot of instances. Locations is half the battle. Getting them to fully commit is the other. You can get deep swirled on just about every point on the lake right now. Getting them to fully commit is the hard part. Most of the fish I've been pulling have come on main lake points over top of 25' of water using glide baits.

Leadcore guys are still hammering away at them. If that's your style, pick your favorite fly and rip your arms off! I'm hearing from my buddies that the fly is limit style fishing.

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Fish Report- Diamond Valley Week of 10/21
Posted by mmagnone, 10/28/2012 11:20:34 PM
Fish Report Week of 10/21/2012

Diamond Valley
Despite the common reports of a "slow bite" at Diamond Valley, fish have been showing in great numbers. Japanese pond smelt, Inland Silversides, baby bass and bluegill are up tight to cover causing the larger bass to take charge of these easy meal. Wolf packing bass are all up and down the shore lines and all around the lake. While wind and bait are in abundance, There have been little no boiling or busting fish persay, but there has been some fish break on the bank in smaller numbers.  Lots of 1-3# class fish. The jig bite has been on from 20'-50' on both main and secondary points. Locate the wood and present the bait in a natural manner and you should be good. Stick with the midsize jig in 3/8-1/2oz in both green pumpkin and brown. Bass Patrol, Skinny Bear and Pepper Jigs have all been favorites of mine. Different brands and head shapes for different situations. As far as trailers go, stick with Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers, Yamamoto Flappin' Hogs and Yamamoto 4" Twintail Hula grubs. Match the hatch with your color and you'll have a blast. Play around with your angles of retrieve and once you find it, keep with it.  If the jig bite isn't your thing pick up the carolina rig. There's been a great 'Rig bite in 30' of water on outside structure. Zoom Baby Brush Hogs, in Watermelon Blk/Gold, Green Pumpkin Magic and Green Pumpkin Purple Gold Glitter getting bit. Play around with your color schemes until you get bit. For the big bait throwers out there, There's been a pretty descent swimbait bite but its all timing. If you're off; You're off. If you're on; You're on! Keep on moving down the bank and cover lots of water. Its all about angles! CL8 bait CB 7" in Light Trout, Huddleston and the 10" Triple Trout are my top picks.

With recent stocks and the amount of bait up on the bank, the stripers have been showing in greater numbers.  A few quality fish have been caught by about 10% of the anglers fishing for them. Pretty funny. Lots of bait, trout, wind.... and a lot of guys are still on the cut bait!

Put that stuff back in your freezer, grab some fish traps or hammers set up a troll or pound bank with them and get after it! There's enough life up right now for these to work. If the smaller swimbait isn't your game, grab some 3/16oz scrounger heads and get yourselves some Zoom Tiny Flukes in Green Albino and pound the banks and bird schools. Not a lot of busting fish up but enough stripers up in the water column for this stuff to work. If you're a die hard big bait guy, I've been doing pretty well on the glide baits. Something slow up high in the water column. TIme on the water is KEY!  Nothing over 12 pounds for me this week. 

Leadcore guys are still hammering away at them. If that's your style, pick your favorite fly and rip your arms off! I'm hearing from my buddies that the fly is limit style fishing.

Category: Fishing Reports
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