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Have A Little Fun
Posted by Matt MagnoneNovember 25, 2019, 5:50 PM
 As the Winter trout stocks near and the swimbait craze begins building momentum, anglers are flocking to sort their aresenals and ready their minds for the opportunity to land a fish of a lifetime. Some anglers do it for the status symbol, while others do it for the thrill of the hunt. Some just do it because 15 other guys are doing it..Whatever the case may be, who cares why you do it?  Who cares what style of swimhait you fish, or if it's a numbers bait as opposed to a big fish bait like the Roman Made Mother. If you're having fun and catching bass, You're in it to win it!

Over the past 20 years of me fishing these baits, I've transformed my style into thinking BIG. I realized that to be truly efficient at not only fishing them, but to pattern large bass; it was in my best interest to simplify my lake choices down to a single lake and spend every piece of free time on it. Truly learn the fishery. Wind, sun, clouds, rain, barometer etc. all affect the way a big fish positions itself on a prime piece of cover and structure and helps dictate whether that spot is a high percentage spot that day, hour or minute. To those that just started throwing swimbaits, many will read this and say to themselves,
"It can't make that big of a difference. All you have to do is throw the swimbait all day long and you're gonna get bit! I watch those guys on the videos do it all the time!"

Well I hate to break it to you my friends; It does matter. Everything matters, but at the same time, nothing matters at all. Be opportunistic. "Be the bait". You need to flip your heads around and imagine if you were that trout (your bait) and being chased by that big bass you're targetting. Its a trippy deal. If you can both think like fish and food when you present your baits. Big things will start happening and you'll truly be able to unlock what it takes to produce some truly trophy catches not limited to just swimbaits. 

Becoming this style of fisherman, you will have the opportunity to land some extremely large bass, but I promise you that at the beginning of your journey, you'll lose that special way to pattern bass with conventional techniques. You may find yourself just going through the motions doing what you think you're supposed to rather than what you should be doing. You'll begin going to the lake knowing that you have a specific window of opportunity where you'll get bit but after that window has passed, what fish you DO catch are seemingly almost "lottery" fish. You'll start being almost careless, content if you wind up with a skunk for your efforts throwing out that all too framiliar phrase:

"Yeah, I didnt do well today. ALL I DID WAS THROW THE SWIMBAIT...."

It doesn't really have to be this way though. To enjoy fishing these baits, you don't have to throw them all day long, you don't have to have the latest and the greatest and you don't have to give up any particular style of fishing to do so. All you need to do is have the will and desire to LEARN. You need to learn what triggers these fish to feed. You need to learn how to identify peak times on high percentage locations and even understanding how noises you make in your boat negatively affect the way fish feed. Some people have it in them to fish this style  while others don't. Whichever you are, I urge you to give it a shot!
Like I said before:

Do everything in your power to STUDY and LEARN and I promise you, you'll reap the rewards!

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