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Arizona Custom Baits added to the site
Posted by Matt MagnoneApril 11, 2020, 12:02 PM
Just a little updated progress.

Just finished up added several products from Arizona Custom Baits to the site. 
To access the baits without needing to scour all over the site, feel free to copy and paste the following products names for quick and easy access. 

Arizona Custom Baits 5" Drop Shot Shad
Arizona Custom Baits 3.5" Drop Shot Minnow
Arizona Custom Baits 7" Fat Worm
Arizona Custom Baits Creature Bait
Arizona Custom Baits Limit Out Craw
Arizona Custom Baits Real Deal Craw
Arizona Custom Baits 10.5" Monster Lizard
Arizona Custom Baits 3.5" Ringed Swimbait

You may also click the following link to be directed to all products.

As I continue to update inventory and specific product information, I'll do my best to stay current with blog posts.

Category: Fishing Blog
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