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Fish Report- Diamond Valley Week of 10/21
Posted by Matt MagnoneOctober 28, 2012, 11:20 PM
Fish Report Week of 10/21/2012

Diamond Valley
Despite the common reports of a "slow bite" at Diamond Valley, fish have been showing in great numbers. Japanese pond smelt, Inland Silversides, baby bass and bluegill are up tight to cover causing the larger bass to take charge of these easy meal. Wolf packing bass are all up and down the shore lines and all around the lake. While wind and bait are in abundance, There have been little no boiling or busting fish persay, but there has been some fish break on the bank in smaller numbers.  Lots of 1-3# class fish. The jig bite has been on from 20'-50' on both main and secondary points. Locate the wood and present the bait in a natural manner and you should be good. Stick with the midsize jig in 3/8-1/2oz in both green pumpkin and brown. Bass Patrol, Skinny Bear and Pepper Jigs have all been favorites of mine. Different brands and head shapes for different situations. As far as trailers go, stick with Reaction Innovations Sweet Beavers, Yamamoto Flappin' Hogs and Yamamoto 4" Twintail Hula grubs. Match the hatch with your color and you'll have a blast. Play around with your angles of retrieve and once you find it, keep with it.  If the jig bite isn't your thing pick up the carolina rig. There's been a great 'Rig bite in 30' of water on outside structure. Zoom Baby Brush Hogs, in Watermelon Blk/Gold, Green Pumpkin Magic and Green Pumpkin Purple Gold Glitter getting bit. Play around with your color schemes until you get bit. For the big bait throwers out there, There's been a pretty descent swimbait bite but its all timing. If you're off; You're off. If you're on; You're on! Keep on moving down the bank and cover lots of water. Its all about angles! CL8 bait CB 7" in Light Trout, Huddleston and the 10" Triple Trout are my top picks.

With recent stocks and the amount of bait up on the bank, the stripers have been showing in greater numbers.  A few quality fish have been caught by about 10% of the anglers fishing for them. Pretty funny. Lots of bait, trout, wind.... and a lot of guys are still on the cut bait!

Put that stuff back in your freezer, grab some fish traps or hammers set up a troll or pound bank with them and get after it! There's enough life up right now for these to work. If the smaller swimbait isn't your game, grab some 3/16oz scrounger heads and get yourselves some Zoom Tiny Flukes in Green Albino and pound the banks and bird schools. Not a lot of busting fish up but enough stripers up in the water column for this stuff to work. If you're a die hard big bait guy, I've been doing pretty well on the glide baits. Something slow up high in the water column. TIme on the water is KEY!  Nothing over 12 pounds for me this week. 

Leadcore guys are still hammering away at them. If that's your style, pick your favorite fly and rip your arms off! I'm hearing from my buddies that the fly is limit style fishing.

Category: Fishing Reports
mmagnone  11/21/2012 09:31:45 PM
Fish your main lake wind blown points. The wind generates current and the current will have a tendency to push your bait into those areas creating a positive feeding opportunity. You will also find fish out in the main lake on the humps. Lots of guys meter around until they find a school then allow their flies to come into the "zone" on their own.
Jake  11/2/2012 12:46:35 PM
Matt, Great info as always. I always enjoy your post.
kaiyasdad  10/30/2012 09:16:39 AM
what are a few areas to try trolling the flies and any idea of how many colors?
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